Swinging Bell District Event Reports - 2008 Swinging Bell

District Practice - Chislehurst, The Annunciation (26/01/08)

There was a good turn out of 15 people for the first practice of the year. With Rounds and Call Changes, Plain Bob Doubles and Triples, Cambridge Minor, Stedman Triples and Erin Triples rung amoung other things. It was good to see some new people to district events and hopefuly they and others will come again in the future. The evening ended in The Queen's Head.

District Meeting - Beckenham (12/01/08)

Over 40 people made it to the January district meeting at Beckenham. General ringing took place before the service. A birthday party in the hall meant that the ringers could not get in early to start the tea so the meeting was held first. No time was wasted with it and the minutes are here. A nice warm tea of soup and hot dogs was served and then more ringing to complete the day.

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