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Congratulations go to Mark Jones and Lucy Weston who recently announced their engagement.

Eltham / Chislehurst Outing


News from Ash

[This should have been included in the last newsletter but managed to get missed out]


We're still ringing in the middle of the fields, competing with the sky larks, tractors and the village cricket team for attention. We have been fortunate in being able to persuade Deryck Jones of Holy Trinity, Dartford, to help with our practice. It has been fairly regular event and we're progressing. There are 4 regular learners and a few occasional learners (life does have a habit of getting in the way) as well as ‘old’ lags like myself.


The tower was open for the church fete and many came to admire the displays though not all felt capable of climbing the tower. We mounted a static (and silent) display at the village fete as an awareness exercise - most of the houses are too far away to hear the bells. We did manage to ring for the World War 2 Peace commemoration and all our young ringers and learners were presented with a coin and medal, with the essential bells on the obverse, as a lasting reminder.


It was with great sadness that we celebrated the life of our tower captain, Lyn Briers on August the 19th. Our thanks are extended to all who came. We are grateful to all those who are helping us maintain ringing at Ash Tower

Gabrielle Stook

Trafalgar 200th Anniversary Ringing


Horton Kirby Tower Outing


Death of Steve Gill

I am sorry to have to let you know that Steve Gill, who rang at Sidcup and Cudham died yesterday afternoon (26th September). The funeral is on Tues 4th Oct at All Saints Foots Cray at 11am. Ringers welcome I expect something may be arranged for Cudham and/or Sidcup.


Steve was about 70 and used to be a train driver. He was a very reliable Sunday and wedding ringer. He rang the tenor mostly, and had done so to a few quarters at Cudham, but we rarely managed to persuade him to ring inside.


Megan Smith

Foots Cray ringers get married


Eltham & Chislehurst ringers walk

- from Bodiam to Northiam and back again


Death of Lyn Briers

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Lyn Briers, Tower Captain at Ash-by-Wrotham for many years. Lyn had been suffering from cancer for some time, and up until the Spring had been able to carry on ringing. She had been able to celebrate her birthday last weekend, but passed away on Tuesday 9th August after being admitted to hospital. Our thoughts and sympathies at this time are with her husband Fred and sons Tom and Frankie, as they come to terms with her passing.


Although not currently a KCACR member, she had almost single handedly been keeping things going at Ash (teaching many to handle a bell) for many years with a great zest for everything she did. She was loved by all who knew her, and she will be greatly missed.


In the announcement to Ash church parishioners, it is written "Lyn was a passionate believer in bell-ringing, from its missionary call as the voice of the church broadcasting its call to prayer across the fields and villages, to its beneficial role in providing health-giving exercise, to its camaraderie and the pride in achievement in a successful peal. But Lyn's involvement was much deeper than just ringing. Almost single-handed she has kept the tower ringing but giving hours and hours of her time in hard, physical maintenance work up in the belfry. She certainly saved the church many thousands of pounds by getting overhauls and repair-work done using voluntary labour (usually hers!) and by carrying out prudent preventative maintenance. Lyn felt that the bells (and the bell-ringers) were often overlooked in considerations of the church's musical contribution to its worship, and that the PCC did not always appreciate the severity of the problems facing the continuation of ringing at Ash, and in this she undoubtedly had a point. Because the bells (almost) always did ring every Sunday, and our ringers coped with however many serviceable bells we had at the time, we all rather took them for granted. now our challenge, and our debt to Lyn is to ensure that Ash's bells continue to mark our Sunday worship, continue to ring in each new year and mark the nation's greatest moments."


There is a private family cremation, but a service to celebrate her life will be held at Ash church on Friday 19th August at 2pm, to which all are welcome. The bells will be rung "open" before and after the service.


Alex Britton


Ash-by-Wrotham, Kent

SS Peter & Paul

Friday, 19 August 2005 in 41 mins (9cwt approx)

1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1  Liz Rolph

2  Geoffrey Mills

3  Rupert Cheeseman

4  Andrew Sinclair

5  Alex Britton (C)

6  Deryck Jones

In joyful celebration of the life of Lyn Frances Briers (8.8.1946 to 9.8.2005), rung "open" directly after her memorial service.

Bromley Common Practice Cancelled

There will be no practice at St Luke's, Bromley Common on 18th or 25th August.


Megan Smith


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