Swinging Bell News - 2008 Swinging Bell

Chelsfield Concerts

Chelsfield church will be holding two concerts in May to raise money for two new bells at the tower. The first is a Concert of well–loved classics by the Chelsfield Sinfonia on Sunday 11th May at 3pm, with proceeds being split between St Martins New Bells Fund and the Chelsfield Village Hall Restoration Fund. Tickets are £7.

The other is Dupe – The best of the 60s and 70s, on Saturday 31st May, with doors opening at 7.30pm. Tickets are £8 (£5 concessions) and proceeds are being split between St Martins New Bells Fund and Habitat for Humanity.

Chelsfield concert 11th May 2008

Chelsfield concert 31st May 2008

Click on the poster for a larger image

Both concerts are in St Martins church in Chelsfield and tickets for both can be obtained from Bob Pruden or:

Chelsfield Events Box Office
Chelsfield Events, c/o BiRO, PO Box 100, Orpington, Kent BR6 7AX
phone: 01689 896405 (24h)

or on–line at:

or go to www.duperock.com for a link to the ticket office.

Farningham back home

The refurbished bells at Farningham were rehung in their freshly repainted frame during the week beginning 10th March 2008, and the initial ring was on Monday the 17th. The photos (l to r and down) show the third and second as they were; fourth, third, second (and treble on the far right) as they are now; the newly painted clappers on a rather elegant clapper–rack, awaiting fitting; the complete ring (the fourth is just visible on the extreme left); the first raise in peal. The final shot is one taken by Neil Thomas, the bellhanger (thanks Neil), and provides a rather ghostly image of the tenor – not the sort of photo one can get with a wedding reception disposable camera!

Details of the new weights and notes are as under:

Treble: 3-2-13 in E#
Second: 4-0-8 in D#
Third: 5-0-7 in C#
Fourth: 5-2-15 in B#
Fifth: 7-0-17 in A#
Tenor: 9-2-23 in G#

Farningham before

Farningham after

Third and second as they were
Fourth, third, second as they are now

Farningham clappers

Farningham bells

The newly painted clappers
Farningham bells

Farningham - first raise in peal

Farningham "ghost"

Farningham – first raise in peal
Farningham “ghost”

Frank Lewis (from kcacr.org.uk)

London Marathon (13/4/08)

Ringer’s from the Docklands Ringing Centre helped provide entertainment to the London Marathon runners and spectators by setting up the Charnborough Mini–ring by the course. It was positioned on the north side of Evelyn Street, near the junction with Deptford High Street, at around the 7½ mile mark.

An early start was required to get the ring in and unloaded before the roads were shut for the marathon. Everything was bolted together and winched up well before the first runners were due through at 9:35. A quarter of Cambridge Minor as attempted but came to grief at the end of the first 720 as the distractions around proved too much to cope with. It was decided to try something safer, with a cover, and a good quarter of Grandsire was rung as the elite runners started to come by.

Another quarter was scored as the fun runners flooded past. This despite the numerous shouting outs as either the runners or the ringers recognised friends going by and the distraction of a couple of clowns (literally!) who stopped to have their photo taken by the ringers. Luckily the quarter came round just before the ever darkening sky decided to deposit its load of rain. Another few short touches were attempted in the rain but by now it was only the real stragglers left so it was decided to pack up. The sun was back out by the time the last pieces were put back onto the trailer just after 1pm.

Congratulations to Sam on scoring his first quarter. There cannot be many people who have scored their first two quarters within 80 minutes of each other and with quite such a public audience.

1260 Grandsire Doubles in 35mins (0-3-10)

1. Anthony Brickell

2. Elizabeth LeMoine

3. Roger G Booth (C)

4. Jonathan R Slack

5. Andrew Clarke

6. Sam Press

Rung during the 2008 Flora London Marathon. The elite women, men and wheelchair competitors were passing at this time.

First quarter – 6.

1260 Grandsire Doubles in 35mins (0-3-10)

1. Andrew Clarke

2. Anthony Brickell

3. Jonathan R Slack

4. Leon G Thompson

5. Rupert J Cheeseman (C)

6. Sam Press

Rung during the 2008 Flora London Marathon. The 'fun' runners were passing at this point.

More information about the Charmborough Ring can be found here.

The Charnborough Ring at the Marathon (1.3meg, quicktime movie)

The Charnborough Ring at the Marathon (0.4meg, quicktime movie)

London Marathon 08 Setting up

London Marathon 08 lifting up the bells

Setting up the mini–ring
Lifting up the bells

London Marathon 08 Finishing touches

London Marathon 08 ringing the bells

Finishing touches
Ringing the bells

London Marathon 08 Press vehicle

London Marathon 08 Water station

Press vehicle
Water station

London Marathon 08 Runners

London Marathon 08 Ringingthe bells

Ringing the bells

London Marathon 08 Ringing in the rain

London Marathon 08 It's a bit wet

Ringing in the rain
It’s a bit wet

London Marathon 08 The clear up begins

London Marathon 08 Removing the course markings

The clear up begins
Removing the course markings

London Marathon 08 The bells

London Marathon 08 Dismantling the tower

The bells
Dismantling the tower

London Marathon 08 Back on the trailer

London Marathon 08 Almost finished

Back on the trailer
Almost finished

KACACR AGM (24/3/08)

This year's Kent AGM was held in the Lewisham District at St. George, Perry Hill. Unfotunately, the church does not have bells but it is only a few years old so it does have very good facilities for holding a service, lunch and meeting.

The absence of real bells (there are some speakers in the tower that rang out some perfect, if slightly strange sounding because of that, Plain Bob Major!) meant that Chris Trafford was asked to bring his mini–ring along for the day. The idea had been to have it outside in the garden but when they turned up and it was snowing(!) this idea was quickly changed to inside in the entrance hall. It took about an hour to put together as the below photos show.

Trafford Miniring

AGM Service

The Trafford Ring
The Stained Glass Window is all
that remains of the old church

St George’s clock striking the half hour (0.2meg, 3gp movie)

Raising the mini–ring up (0.2meg, 3gp movie)

Ringing on the mini–ring (0.2meg, 3gp movie)

More ringing on the mini–ring (0.2meg, 3gp movie)

Ringing on the mini–ring took place up until the service. Tower bells were also available on routes from Dartford to Lewisham in the morning and from Beckenham to Horton Kirby in the evening.

About 50 poeple sat down to a buffet lunch in the rear half of the church. Catherine brought along the bookstall. The meeting took place back in the front half where microphones and speakers were available so everyone could hear what was going on. The meeting proceeded briskly and was followed by more ringing on the mini–ring.

The lunch made a small profit that has been split between donations to the Trafford ring and the BRF. Thanks go to everyone who helped out to make the day such a success.

AGM lunch

AGM Meeting

The meeting

The Horton Kirby Dance (8/3/08)

The second annual (!?) Horton Kirby dance took place at the Horton Kirby Village Hall on 8th March. Ian Petrie and his band again provided the live music. There was one big improvement on last year and that was the addition of a bar that included a barrel of real ale.

Thirsts were certainly worked up with some energetic barn dancing including such old favourites as striping the willow and baskets. A welcome break was provided to eat the food laid on and draw the raffle. Then the dancing continued to a mix of barn, rock and blues music.

Thanks go to Sue and her team for organising such a fun, if sweaty, evening.

Horton Kirby Dance

The Ian Petrie band

Horton Kirby Dance

Dancing the night away

Here is a brief video of the evening (0.8meg, quicktime movie)

East Festival (6/3/08)

For the second year running the East Festival opened with a relay of bell ringing, starting at St Paulís Cathedral, then stretching out to over 20 of East Londonís churches from Hackney to Stratford. The bell ringing even made it to a prominent place in the Festival Guide - right next to the Mayor's Introduction. Next year it has been suggested to expand the ringing and run a London Ringing Festival along side the main Festival.

Ringing at St Pauls

Ringing at St Paul's as part of the East Festival (from the Evening Standard)

Crayford Tower Outing (16/2/08)

In February the Crayford (and friends) outing was revived after a 3 year break and on a sunny but cold day headed off to the Romney Marsh area of Kent to ring at Brabourne, Lyminge, Saltwood, Ruckinge and Appledore. This was the first outing for Karen and Mary and they surprised themselves by actually enjoying it!

The sign writers at Saltwood certainly scored points for originality (see below) and everyone managed to avoid hanging themselves on the long draft at the otherwise lovely five at Ruckinge. The day ended, as it should do, in the pub at Appledore.

Sign in Saltwood Church car park

Sign in Saltwood Churchyard

Sign in Saltwood Church car park
Sign in Saltwood Churchyard

Ringing at Lyminge

No children allowed

Ringing at Lyminge
No children allowed

Chislehurst and Eltham Ringers Dinner (18/1/08)

After a gap of a couple of years the Eltham & Chislehurst Dinner returned this year. There was a new venue - Bromley Cricket Club - and a new organising team lead by Jean. The meal was buffet style and plentiful. David gave a short speech about the previous years tower achievements and then the tables were moved away to give plenty of room for people to dance the night away to the live singer.

Thank go to Jean and her team for organising a very enjoyable evening.

Chislehurst & Eltham Dinner Photo

The ringers enjoy the Bromley Cricket Club Bar

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